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About Us

The March Hare Software Maintenance Service provides our customers with regular updates to our software products: UD6, UD5, MH3GLs and UD8.

Additionally you have access to our technical support team to assist with problem diagnosis and resolution.

Software Maintenance Service

The CVS Suite license is available here.

March Hare's UD6, UD5, MH3GLs and UD8 software products. are optionally covered by the March Hare Software Maintenance Service. To qualify for this service the licensee must pay 15% p.a. (or 20% p.a. for UD5) of the original purchase price (a small percentage will be added each year to keep the price current with inflation and costs).

If software maintenance was NOT purchased at the time of the original order, software maintenance can be purchased by paying the difference between the current advertised price of the software and the original purchase price, plus 15% (or 20% p.a. for UD5) of the current advertised price, which is then payable annually.


If the licensee is current in the payment of all license and maintenance fees: MARCH HARE will maintain unaltered software in an operable condition and in substantial accordance with the specifications set forth in the supplied online documentation. MARCH HARE will also make available to the Licensee any generally incorporated improvements and enhancements to the Software which are not designated as options. Software maintenance service will be provided at no additional charge for the period specified, if any, on the delivery note. Licensee may continue software maintenance services on an annual basis by paying in advance the Software maintenance fees in effect. MARCH HARE will use its best efforts to make any correction, replacement or other service after the Licensee has identified an error and notified MARCH HARE in accordance with the reporting procedures outlined in the online documentation. Unless Licensee provides written notice to MARCH HARE at least sixty (60) days prior to the renewal period to discontinue Software maintenance service, such Software maintenance service will be renewed.

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