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CVS Suite 2009 R2. Now Available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Plus release plans for CVS Suite 2010 and CVS Suite 2012.

Released on July 27th, 2011 - CVS Suite 2009R2 is our recommended upgrade path for customers running mission critical CVS Suite 2008 (or earlier) servers.

CVS Suite 2009 Build 4218 has been tested with all 32 bit platforms (including Windows 7/2008R2 x64 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES4/5 x64) and SuSE Enterprise Linux x64 and is available now from the customer area of the web site:

CVS Suite 2009R2
Extensively deployed and tested worldwide by our consulting team on a wide variety of servers and installations - CVS Suite 2009R2 has been through a tough QA process and includes over 180 improvements since CVS Suite 2008 and over 570 improvements over the community releases of CVSNT, WinCVS, TortoiseCVS & WinMerge.

This release has been extensively tested with Windows 7, Windows 7 x64 and Windows Server 2008R2 plus Eclipse Indigo, Visual Studio 2008 and many more operating systems and IDE's.

CVS Suite 2009 has been available since April 2010, however this is the first release recommended to customers upgrading mission critical systems running CVS Suite 2008, CVS Suite 2.5.03 or CVS Suite 2.5.02. You can simply install this new release, or contact our sales team for a quote for on site installation.

Support expired? No download in customer area?
If you purchased CVS Suite 2008 with a free upgrade to CVS Suite 2009 - that upgrade was in the customer downloads area from July 2010 onwards.

All customers can download the software they purchased for 120 days from the purchase date only. To get the latest updates, you need to purchase annual software maintenance and support (5 levels to choose from).

If you previously purchased annual maintenance and support, but it has has expired and you have not received an invoice for renewal, you can purchase online (support quantity must equal licensed quantity) and your download will be available within 48 hours. Alternatively you can email for a quote.

Download incomplete or slow?
With a major new release like this one, our servers can sometimes be a bit slow to provide downloads to thousands of customers at once. If your download fails, please retry later. If you are still having problems please e-mail us.

Forgot your password?
On the login page use the link labelled If you are not a registered customer or you have forgotten your password click here. Clicking will take you to a page with another link: Click here if you've forgotten your password. Enter your e-mail address, then click. A hint will be displayed (if one is set for your account). If this hint does not help you remember your password, click the link labelled click here and we will email you instructions to change your password.

Patch/Update schedule
If a customer has reported a problem that we diagnose as requiring an update/patch to the software, these patch releases are made available on a fortnightly cycle. No udpates will be made during August or January (summer & Christmas vacations). If updates are available they will be published on: Sep 2, 2011; Sep 16, 2011; Sep 30, 2011; Oct 14, 2011; Oct 28, 2011; Nov 11, 2011, Nov 25, 2011; Dec 9, 2011; Dec 23, 2011; Feb 3, 2012; Feb 17, 2012; Mar 2, 2012; Mar 16, 2012; Mar 30, 2012; Apr 13, 2012 etc.

Delays in Release Cycle
During 2010 we had not been able to provide releases and fixes by our target dates. We understood the problem, and determined that it was solvable. In July 2010 we began a major restructure to centralise our development and get our release schedules on track.

Unfortunately due to technical issues in our range of products our development team struggled to balance the priorities. With the recent changes to our team and the release of CVS Suite 2009R2 we believe our release schedule is back on track.

The schedule
We announce today the planned release and support schedule for CVS Suite.

CVS Suite 2.5.03
CVS SuiteWindows XP-Windows 7, Mac, Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES4/5Upgrade support to 2008 or 2009R2.
CVS Suite x64SLES9, HPUX and SolarisUpgrade support to 2008.

CVS Suite 2008 (CVSNT 2.5.03 SP2) build 3226 and later
CVS SuiteWindows XP-Windows 7, Mac, Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES4/5Support ends December 2012
CVS Suite x64SLES9, HPUX (Itanium and PA-RISC) and Solaris (Sparc)Support ends December 2012

CVS Suite 2009R2 with high performance server
CVS SuiteWindows XP-Windows 7, Mac, Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES4/5Available now
CVS Suite x64SLES9Available now

CVS Suite 2010 with Bugzilla enhancements
CVS SuiteWindows XP-Windows 7, Mac, Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES4/5/6Available: Nov, 2011
CVS Suite x64SLES9, HPUX (Itanium and PA-RISC) and Solaris (Sparc)Available: Feb, 2012

CVS Suite 2012 with Team View & Server Change Management
CVS SuiteWindows XP-Windows 7, Mac, Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES4/5/6Available: June, 2012
CVS Suite x64SLES9, HPUX and SolarisAvailable: TBA

Support for other platforms available on request.

Other products
These products are also available now.

Automatic CVS silently track changes to files, eg: on a file server
CVS4SWindows XP-Windows 7, Windows Server 2003/2008Available now

CM Suite single server for SVN, CVS and VSTS clients.
CM Suite 2008Windows and SQL Server 2005Available now

Case Sensitive NTFS case sensitive files on Windows
CVSCASEWindows XP-Windows 7, Windows Server 2003/2008Available now

CVS for iSeries version RPG, Fortran and CL in IFS file systems
CVSISERIESP05OS/400 V5R1 to i5/OS 7.1Available now

UD6 & UD6 Option Pack Uniface Version Control
UD6For Uniface 6.1 to Uniface 9.4Available now

Since 1999 we have been supplying solutions to effectively manage change: to documents; to source code in text files, and Uniface projects. Today March Hare Software produce the most popular software tools for versioning in commercial software development and provide professional services worldwide. After just a couple of years on the market our commercial solutions CVS Suite and CM Suite have thousands of licensees.

The March Hare Team:
Friday July 29th, 2011

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Version and Release Manage Oracle or SQL Server
Did you know you can use CVS Suite 2009R2 to version, manage and release database applications including Oracle and SQL Server stored procedures, triggers and more? For some simple examples see our CVS Suite and SQL Navigator guide or ask our sales team to contact you for an on site demonstration.

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