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About Us

Outsourced development and maintenance of Uniface software is provided by March Hare Pty Ltd based in Australia.

March Hare Pty Ltd already provide outsourced development and support to the Australian Government and organisations in Sydney and Melbourne.

Please let us know how we may help you too.

Help when you need it

Many businesses that have developed with Uniface, find it difficult to find staff to work on those systems today.

Contract staff are employed for a block period, and leave minimal documentation after spending the majority of their time simply learning your business.

Permanent staff leave for organisations that are able to give them work on more diverse systems and development environments.

With a March Hare support contract, you only have staff when you need them, one person one day per month, to 10 people 12 months a year.

Defined costs, defined availability

Because our people are supplied under a contract, you can budget for the year how much it will cost to support your legacy Uniface systems.

However, more importantly, you have a defined level of service. Whether it be 24 hour 60 minute on-site response or business hours, 4 hour on-site response plus telephone support. You will always know how long before people are working on your problems, and of course our methods ensure your designated representatives are kept thoroughly informed.

Your Business

The most important thing to us, is that you can carry on your business. We provide detailed documentation of all our activities, and because of the nature of our work, detailed documentation of your business systems.

Don't just take our word for it, call us today and we'll put you in touch with our customers, who continually rate our professionalism, response and documentation higher than any other consultancy they have dealt with.

Software Maintenance Service

For details about the support we offer with our software products, please refer to our Software Maintenance Service page.

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