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UNIFACE profiling enables you to analyze performance problems by logging trigger and Proc module processing time. Logging is controlled by settings in your assignment file and you can analyze the information in the log file that is created. Profiling information is recorded in the form of a record that contains an associative list. Althought you can find deeper information in MyUniface I have export the PROFILING form comming from U7 to U8. Download it!! $proc_profiling=true. Html file 40Kb
New document about (yes another again!) NT 4.0 Application Server (ASV) Installation Notes. Explanation about installation and configuration (ASV Syn/Asyn and UMD with asn examples)   43Kb
How to Create a Bar Graph in Uniface. by Ann-Charlotte Andersson Html file 6k
Requirements for implementing a call to a Windows API DLL. MS-Word file 40Kb
How to creating a new WORD signature in UNIFACE. By Daniel Bureau Compuware Canada May 2002 Zip file 1200Kb
Installing Uniface on a Windows NT Cluster environment MS-Word file 120Kb
How to do the 3GL call out/in from Uniface

This is a simple and complete example of how to do the 3GL call out/in from Uniface.

Zip file 33Kb
How to deal with Databases Stored Procedures call-outs ?

The approach of this article is about how to call database stored procedures (SP) from Uniface. Why you want to call a store procedure from Uniface (call-out) ? Altough Uniface provides SQL instruction and SQL/print (that only returns a string) main reasons will be need to run complicated queries, performance, need to specific DMBS features or re-use existing stored procedures, but not for people who want portability.
Request for PPT Uniface DB Stored Procedures

Html file 800Kb
How to install and deploy UNIFACE Application Server under NT/2000

The purpose of this document is to present a simple way to install,
configure, and use UNIFACE Application Server, Message Daemon on Microsoft Windows NT.

Zip file 100Kb
How to upgrade to Uniface 7.x ?

Steps for Upgrading a UNIFACE 7.2.x to 7.2.06 on a Windows platform. By Bonnie Teegen

Html file 190Kb
Upgrade a MS SQL 6.5 database to a MS SQL 7.0

A document to upgrade a MS SQL 6.5 database to a MS SQL 7.0 using Uniface. Plus creating Multiple Uniface Polyserver SuperServer Sessions. By Bonnie Teegen

Html file 17Kb
Referencing Uniface Fields in Javascript

The format for generating field names in HTML appears to have changed in 7.2.05 in the HTML source (addition of ".1." to field name values). This causes problems when accessing fields from Javascript. Some discussion about this issue.

Html file 30Kb
Troubleshooting UNIX polyserver connections.

This document describes how to troubleshoot a TCP/IP connection between a PC client and a UNIX or MPE/iX host. In this document we present a step-by-step configuration procedure, more or less assuming (after Murphy) that everything that can go wrong, will go wrong; and that everything that you assume cannot go wrong will especially go wrong.

Html file 40Kb
DLL-related UNIFACE problems on Microsoft Windows platforms

This document describes the various problems that can occur with loading DLL's on Windows. It gives possible solutions as well as background information that helps you understand what is going on. Unless noted otherwise, the text applies to both Windows NT and Windows 95/98. Note that we do not cover Windows 3.11 and Windows 2000 in this document.

Html file 80Kb
FormPic layout in deep.

This document describes the layout of the paint tableau found on the table FORMPIC.UFORM.DICT

By Neil Stenton
Html file 10Kb
Uniface Naming Conventions: Nomenclature

An interesting alternative to the Uniface Naming Conventions used for several IT companies in Europe. Document available in Spanish, English and French versions as a Pdf.

By Luis Vila from Ar-Consulting.
Zip and Pdf file 425Kb
Uniface trace facility

The Uniface Trace Facility extends the Uniface product with trace facilities and enhances the existing code that makes up the product to use the trace facilities to generate trace output.

Html file 210Kb
Uniface Libraries and Library Objects

This document seeks to provide information about the different types of library objects, the search order Uniface employs for each object type, and then comments on the most likely strategies that can be used to organize library objects.

Html file 110Kb
Uniface 7.2.5 and XML Part I

"The scope of this article includes XML and it's interaction with Uniface. For illustration purposes we will use a XHTML web page that link with a Uniface web page. The XHTML will format and display the Uniface Web Page set up as a XML source."

By Carles Zaragoza.
Html file 10Kb/17Kb
A couple of interesting articles by Tony Marston. Both of these have now been superceded by a later article called '3 Tiers, 2 Models and XML Streams' that you can find at the Tony´s web site: Html file 10Kb/17Kb
Crystal Reports and Uniface
Two word documents about the integration between Seagate Crystal Reports and Uniface by Andre Fettermann de Andrade
Zip file 200Kb
Search & Replace function in Uniface. Information extracted from the news group. Html file 10Kb
SOLID + UnifAce F.A.Q by Jeroen Sanders. This document is a short summary on FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) concerning the use of Solid (It is an easy to use and low maintenance RDBMS) in combination with Uniface.
Send an e-mail to and/or Check his personal web site.
Zip file 15Kb
How make the coding of the paint tableau visible in Uniface ? by Ulrich Feiden. A C-program PAINTVIEW to make the coding of the paint tableau visible in Uniface.
Send an e-mail to Ulrich Feiden and/or visit The home of: CODE INSPECTOR
Html file 20Kb
Performing Inner Retrieves
A very nice white paper in the Midwest Regional Uniface User Group about performing inner retrieves.
The M$-word version is also available here (42Kb)
request for PDF version
Developing Microsoft Windows DLL
Advanced support white paper by Charlton B.Barreto (109 pages)
This document describes UNIFACE applications that can access 3GL routines via the UNIFACE API under Microsoft Windows through the UNIFACE Information engineering & Design Facility (IDF) and/or the UNIFACE Polyserver.
request for PDF version
Zip in UManitoba site 181Kb
UANA and USYSANA concepts
A very clear e-mail send to the newsgroup by Arthur Barrett (March-Hare)
HTML page
PSV installation in NT Formato PDF 30 Kb
UMD and ASV installation in  NT 4.0 Formato PDF 10 Kb
How Uniface prints ?
A white paper by Debbra Mullen
Formato PDF 10 Kb
Defining Business Rules
This paper, the final report of The GUIDE Business Rules Project, describes a scheme for understanding the nature of business rules and the categories into which they fall. It presents a formal approach for identifying and articulating the rules which define the structure and control the operation of an enterprise.

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